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Tales of Terror and Mayhem

Tales of Terror and Mayhem

A collection of terrifying stories from the rising stars of horror, including Jon Michael Kelley, Jeremy C. Shipp, Rebecca Besser, David C. Hayes, Doug Rinaldi, Tara Sayers, Scott Taylor, Craig Saunders, Steven Gepp, Hollie Snider, Gregory L. Norris and many more.

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June 2017
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Publication Acceptances

Three Fiction Foundry Members Appearing in the CSFWG’s “An Uncommon Anthology”

Larry Cope, Hollie Snider, and Kari Wolf have had their stories accepted to the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group’s, “An Uncommon Collection.”

  • For Hate’s Sake” by Larry Cope
  • If Wishes Were Horses” by Hollie Snider
  • Accidental Opportunity” by Kari Wolfe

(contains the story, “If Wishes Were Horses,” which inspired the creation of this anthology)

  1. Hollie Snider — If Wishes Were Horses
  2. Melssa R. Kary — Pinwheel
  3. Todd A. Walls — Mutiny in the Marketplace
  4. Sangita Kalarickal — Shards of Reality
  5. Kari J. Wolfe — Accidental Opportunity
  6. A.M. Burns — A Dragon’s Tome
  7. Larry Cope — For Hate’s Sake
  8. Patrick Hester — Charisma
  9. J.T. Evans — A Poor Fellow Soldier
  10. Frances Burke — Thief of Dreams
  11. Richard Collette – Jack English, MD, Dragonslayer
  12. Amity Green — Scales
  13. Nicole Godfrey — A Page Lost
  14. Ben Roc — The Truth
  15. R. Michael Burns — The Door, The Lock, The Key

Widdershins accepted for Evil Jester Digest Vol. 1

What a great way to end the day! I just found out that my short story, “Widdershins,” was accepted into Evil Jester Digest Volume 1. There was a lot of competition for this one, a 1 in 20 shot, and I made it! Happy dance. And I signed the contract for my novel to be re-released later this year, once cover art is finished and such. I’m only two days in and having a hell of a week. Maybe there really is something to this Dragon Year!  Here’s the TOC for Evil Jester Digest Volume 1


“The Girl Who Drowned” by Tracy L. Carbone
“Sharpe is Extraordinary” by David Dunwoody
“Widdershins” by Hollie Snider
“Dust Devil” by Gary Brandner (of Howling fame)
“GPS” by Rick Hautala (of Moondeath fame)
“Look Behind You” by Eric Shapiro
“Lone Wolf” by Gregory L. Norris
“A Gentleman’s Folly” by Phil Hickes
“Dust at the Center of All Things” by John F.D. Taff
“The End of Autumn” by Aric Sundquist

“Gone Nuclear” Appearing in “Rapid Decomposition”

Hello fans!  (All three of them.)  My first ever flash fiction piece and zombie tale all rolled into one has been accepted for publication.  It is titled “Gone Nuclear” and will be appearing in the “Rapid Decomposition” anthology. The anthology is going to be published as a PDF e-book will all sales benefitting First Books (  Not sure when it will be released, but I will be sure to announce it when I know the date.  Buy a copy, buy several copies, support small presses and First Books.  Woo hoo! 

And if you do buy a copy and you do read my little contribution, I would love to hear feedback on it.  Unless its negative.  If it’s negative, you may keep those comments to yourself. After all, if you can’t say something nice . . . .

Seriously though, if you read the tale, I would love to hear opinions — good, bad or otherwise.

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