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Tales of Terror and Mayhem

Tales of Terror and Mayhem

A collection of terrifying stories from the rising stars of horror, including Jon Michael Kelley, Jeremy C. Shipp, Rebecca Besser, David C. Hayes, Doug Rinaldi, Tara Sayers, Scott Taylor, Craig Saunders, Steven Gepp, Hollie Snider, Gregory L. Norris and many more.

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June 2017
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Hidden Thoughts Press Phobias Anthology

Real People, Real Phobias

Hidden Thoughts Press is looking for true stories of phobias and how you’ve learned to live with them, overcome them, or even if you are still learning how to deal with those irrational fears everyone tells you is all in your head. The phobia can be yours, or someone you have a relationship with — parent, sibling, spouse, etc.

Give us real, give us raw, and hold nothing back. Hidden Thoughts Press wants those stories from the heart, telling us the ups and downs, the funny and the scary parts of having a phobia.

How do phobias affect your life? How do you get through them when the source of your fear makes itself known? How has having a phobia affected your relationship with others? What helps you make in through the stress a phobia can cause? Who has offered a shoulder to lean on?

Inspiration and hope are key to these stories. We want people to read yours and realize they’re not alone in the world of irrational fear. We want stories to help lift the feelings of isolation and depression that having a phobia can cause.

We also want to know how you stay ahead of your phobia? How to you control it, instead of letting it control you?

We know writing about your fears is a difficult task. Nothing is more scary than facing what you are afraid of, even in the written word. But we encourage you to share your stories, and hope that by doing so, your knowledge and experiences will help readers realize other people have felt the way they do and overcame it, and by extension, provide a cathartic experience for the sufferer as well.

Stories need to be sent by electronic submissions only. Your stories should be attached, not pasted into the body of your email, in RTF or DOC format. Do not send them in DOCX, ODT or WPD format. Please provide a brief cover letter with all your contact info, title, and word count and publication history, if any. Don’t worry if you haven’t been published. Hidden Thoughts Press still wants to hear from you.

All stories should have the author’s name, address, email and phone number in the top left corner and approximate word count in the top right corner. The story title should appear centered over the work about a third of the way down the page. Please do not use page numbers, headers or footers in your work. If a word or phrase needs emphasis, please use italics instead of underlining or captitalization.

Stories should be 1,500 to 6000 words, in Times New Roman or Courier/Courier New 12pt font, double spaced and left justified. Leave the right margin ragged. Please use 1”margins on all sides. Use 1 tab indent for paragraphs. If you aren’t sure how to format a manuscript, please visit:

You may submit up to two (2) stories for consideration

No reprints

No simultaneous submissions

The anthology is open until filled.

You will receive a confirmation email to let you know your submission has been received.

Payment for stories included in this anthology is one contributor’s copy and ½ cent per word

Please send your story to:

Put your story title, last name and approximate word count in your email subject line

Please email questions or concerns to the email address above.

Hidden Thoughts Press is looking for submissions

As you all should know by now, I am the Executive Editor at Hidden Thoughts Press. We are looking for non-fiction submissions for book designed to help the mental health community. We have a few submission calls happening now, edited by the very capable Rebecca Besser and Lauren Panobianco. And I’ve put out a call myself, on phobias.


Phobia. What is it about this word that makes people cringe, or look over their shoulder, or even stand up straighter to look bigger? Nearly everyone is afraid of something, rational or irrational. Some of us have learned to deal with those fears, some of us have conquered them, and some of us still cower in the corner at the thought of that fear. Hidden Thoughts Press is looking for your non-fict…ion story about your fear. How do you deal with it? Have you conquered it? Did you have help, or did you just do it yourself? Maybe you live with someone who has a phobia. How does that person’s phobia affect your life? How do you help them when it strikes? We want those stories, those tales of inspiration. We want your stories to help others, to let those who still cower in the corner know that phobias can be lived with, that they don’t get to control our lives, and, in some cases, that they can be conquered.  Visit or email me at for more information.

My Interview with Jennifer Caress

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by fellow horror author Jennifer Caress.  Here’s the link to that interview. I hope you all enjoy!


Live and Let Undead

Well, the Live and Let Undead anthology has finally gone to formatting and will soon be headed for print.  I know 18 authors who are happy to hear that news.  It’s been a lot fun though, and this is going to be a terrific anthology.  Pete Giglio has created a terrific trailer for it.  You can view it at the link below.

I’ll post more updates as I have them.

Finishing off the Wickeds anthology for Horror Addicts and the Mental Wellness collection for Hidden Thoughts Press are next on my list.

So, it’s been a while . . . .

Okay, yeah, I know.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  Life keeps interferring with what I need to get done. 

I now have a pretty good grasp on the new novel. Still no title yet, but the characters come out to play more easily.

I have a few pages of notes for the new novella.  No title there yet either, but the characters desperately want to come out and play.

Sapphires & Toadstones has been recorded and is in the final editing stages for the upcoming Wicked Women Writers contest from Horror Addicts.  That should be sent in soon, provided the Technology Gods quit screwing with me.  I swear, I am their center of attention right now. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least for this post to either A) not show up or B) show up with words I did not write.

A new short story called Down That Road . . . is coming together, and a few previously written short stories have finally agreed to let themselves be edited.  Much easier to do when the characters cooperate.

Stories contained in the Live and Let Undead anthology from Library of the Living Dead Press are coming along in their second round of edits, and stories for The Wickeds anthology from Horror Addicts are coming along in their first round of edits. Those should be sent back to the respective authors in the next few weeks. 

And Mr. Stabby may have a new playmate.  For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Stabby, he is an old knife I rescued from Goodwill after unkind people rudely disposed of him. He has a carbon steel blade and a heavy hickory wood handle.  In his previous life, Mr. Stabby was used for breaking down meat carcasses. And when I say carcasses, I mean like half a cow. Now, he is much happier in his new role as my enforcer.  Anyway, Mr. Stabby has been anxious to meet the Evil Little Jester, a friend of fellow author Charles Day.  We will see how that goes.

And finally, I have a spot on Steve Lockely’s blog scheduled for July 23rd as a guest blogger.  What possessed him to open it up to me and several fellow writers and editors , I don’t know.  But, I’m taking advantage of it.  Look for the link as we get closer to the day.

Where Have I Been?

I’m trying to get better about posting updates. I swear I am, but for the last few weeks I have up to my, um . . . neck. Yeah, my neck, in zombie stories.  The Live and Let Undead anthology stories have gone through their first round of edits and some revisions have started to come in as well.  18 stories total in this one, and they’re all good.  The zombies aren’t the monsters here either, which I like.  The second round of edits will start soon.  Until then, I have submissions for the Wicked Women Writers anthology trickling in, and first round edits will start about the middle of May on those.  Then the submissions for the CSFWG anthology will start coming in.  Three anthologies to edit in less than 6 months.  That’s not bad at all. Right? And I have my own writing to work on. Or try to work on.  Lots of anthologies I want to submit to and a new novel that is demanding attention.  But it’s all good. I could be bored.

What Am I Working On?

Quite a bit right now, acutally.  I have a short story to create for the Wicked Women Writers contest — still no idea for that one, but the deadline is approaching as deadlines are wont to do.  I have a novella that is begging to be written that was supposed to be the short story for the WWW contest, but refuses to be confined to 35oo words or less.  Then there is the new novel I started. Those characters are getting impatient with me.  I did finish my first ever flash fiction and zombie story.  I think it came out well, but we will see.  I am waiting to hear back from the anthology editor on that one. 

Not bad I guess, but I also have a second novella/novel about half completed that needs finishing as well.  And more still demanding to be put on paper.  In addition, I have three anthologies in various stages of completion that I am editing.

So I guess you could say I am drowning in words.  There are worse places to be though.  Like under a Writer’s Block.

New Novel

Well, the new novel is coming along now.  I got stuck a little while back and submitted the first small (read very small) section to my writer’s group.  I think the submission was only 4 or 5 pages, hardly worth bothering with for them, but like I said, I was stuck.  Of course, as soon as I print the pages and actually put them out at the meeting, a breakthrough.  I know what it needs and I know where it’s going.  Don’t you hate when that happens? 

So, it’s finally gotten the start it needed.  And just as soon as I get that, I get my invitation to be part of the Wicked Women Writers annual contest.  Now I have a short story to write too, with three elements that have been given to me.  I’m not complaining though.  The ladies in this group are fantastic and the three necessary elements are challenging but good.  The problem is, my original story idea that I thought I could whip out in a few days has grown into a novella.  My word limit for the short story is 3500 words or 35 minutes of podcast time.  The novella is headed for 10,000 words easy. 

Now, I have a novel I am excited about, a novella I am excited about and no short story that needs to be submitted to the contest by May.  Of course, my own deadline for it is this Saturday, the 26th, because I really want to give my a group a chance at it.  (Yes, you guys are that good.) 

Guess I will have to wait and see what happens.  Hopefully, my Muse has not left for Puerto Vallarta without me.

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