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Tales of Terror and Mayhem

Tales of Terror and Mayhem

A collection of terrifying stories from the rising stars of horror, including Jon Michael Kelley, Jeremy C. Shipp, Rebecca Besser, David C. Hayes, Doug Rinaldi, Tara Sayers, Scott Taylor, Craig Saunders, Steven Gepp, Hollie Snider, Gregory L. Norris and many more.

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June 2017
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World Horror Con 2012

Well, we are back from Salt Lake City! World Horror Con 2012 was a fantastic time. I got to catch up with old friends, make new friends and meet people who I’ve been chatting with on Facebook. The Stoker Awards were great and I got to see Rick Hautala and Joe Lansdale receive their Lifetime Achievement Awards. Jeff Strand entertained us all with comedic talents and John Skipp became a grandpa.  All in all, an outstanding weekend. I can’t wait for the Stokers next year. 2013 will find us in New Orleans. Prepare yourselves for my onslaught as I attempt to get my story, “Widdershins” into the running. Those haunted house statues are the ultimate in cool and I want one!

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  • Dercio says:

    Yay! I’m really happy to be a part of this! I voted for Before I Fall as I own a copy but haven’t read it. I’d also be up for The Fault in Our Stars. I’ve aaldrey read WG, WG and I don’t think it’s a book I’d like to re-read, it was good but not great.I think Sarah Dessen would be a good pick, too. I’ve read all of her books, but I’d be happy to re-read. Oh and I’d love to read Fingerprints of You but it’s not being published here, so I’d have to order a copy in time for this Mands xox

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