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Tales of Terror and Mayhem

Tales of Terror and Mayhem

A collection of terrifying stories from the rising stars of horror, including Jon Michael Kelley, Jeremy C. Shipp, Rebecca Besser, David C. Hayes, Doug Rinaldi, Tara Sayers, Scott Taylor, Craig Saunders, Steven Gepp, Hollie Snider, Gregory L. Norris and many more.

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June 2017
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My name is Hollie Snider and I write . . . stuff. Fantasy and horror bleed from my pen most times, but other genres tend to wriggle out of my twisted mind on occasion. To date I have one novel published, a few short stories and several writing related articles. As a freelance editor I have over fifteen years of experience helping others tighten their prose. During the past few years, I’ve been a guest lecturer at writing conferences in addition to doing what I can to encourage high school students in the writing world through teaching, organizing and judging contests.

I am the Excutive Editor at Hidden Thoughts Press, and I’m a founder of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group, established in 1996. I’m also a member of the Wicked Women Writers and the Horror Writer’s Association.  With a strong background in mythology and lore, I tend to balance my time between writing, cultural anthropology, painting and quilting.

With my fantasy writing, I try to bring rules to the lands of monsters, myth and magic. “I’ve grown tired of magic being a crutch. In creating a land where magic is used, I feel three rules should be followed; 1) Magic is not a cure-all. Why have weapons if one can simply ‘wish’ the problem away (or zap it into oblivion)? 2) There should always be a price for casting a spell, such as physical exertion or pain. 3) Death is the end. If a character dies it should create an emotional response in both characters and reader. There is no impact if anyone can simply be resurrected.’”

As for horror, my works tend toward the psychological, revenge and twisted fairy tales. Blood and guts can be scary, if used to the story’s advantage. But I don’t think readers need anatomy lessons. Sometimes what isn’t exposed is more frightening.

I live near Colorado Springs, Colorado with my husband, son and a multitude of neurotic animals.

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